“Invisible joint now a reality”

The Fusion-Edge developed by SURTECO for processing without glues or joints by means of laser application is almost ready for series production. The appearance of joints, which are an eyesore especially in the high-gloss boards, will therefore be a thing of the past.

In close cooperation with machine manufacturer HOMAG, the Fusion-Edge was extensively tested and optimised to be ready for the market. This new technology was presented by SURTECO at Interzum 2009 and a functional machine was operating on the HOMAG stand at Ligna Hannover the following week.

It is revolutionary, considering the process uses no conventional hotmelt adhesive, but laser welding to create a seamless transition between edge and board. The Fusion-Edge consists of a top ABS, PP or 3D base layer (which corresponds to a conventional edge) and a very thin functional special polymer layer colour-matched to the base layer.

The gluing assembly of the edgebander is replaced by a powerful laser. The laser welds the functional layer of the edgeband to the board to create a seamless joint – without any additional hotmelt adhesive.

The special thing about the new edgeband generation is the edge and adhesive are rolled into one. This does away with the any matching of edge, adhesive type and board. This again translates to increased production assurance and productivity together with better visual quality.