When open-edged chipboard and MDF need finishing off, especially door fronts, worktops, carcasses, shelves and wall unit systems – Doellken edgebanding from SURTECO comes into play.

The Kantek stock program includes a range of over 300 edgeband decors to compliment all MDF board ranges and sizes available in our market. Working with production facilities in Europe, Asia and Australia, we maintain the largest stock range in New Zealand.

They are used in all areas of daily life, in the office, shop, kitchen, bathroom and living areas. We offer a comprehensive range of edgebanding to suit customer requirements in PVC, ABS, PMMA & melamine.

Additionally we support individual customers developing new products. Often special projects require something different like a unique colour match, or size, as well as special finishes such as Hi-Gloss or structured surfaces. With the support of SURTECO design and production facilities, Kantek can offer you something completely different to set your business and products apart from the rest.

Print Version
Solid Colour (SF), Surface Print (DC), Through-Grained (DM)
PVC, ABS, PP, PMMA, Melamine
Almost unlimited choice of colours and decorative finishes, +25,000 different effects
Gloss Level
6 Levels, Super Matte to Premium Gloss
Textures for different board finishes. Light to heavy stipple finishes, wood & ripple designs
+250 different sizes