D-Lite Lift

Soft and silent movement features of D-Lite Lift provide maximum comfort in lift-up cabinet doors. Cabinet doors can be stopped at a desired level by gradually opening feature. D- Lite Lift is designed and produced with the innovative perspective of Samet to cover minimum space in cabinet. Four standard colour options of D-Lite Lift complies with innovative furniture designs.

Easy Hingeless Assembly

D-Lite Lift’s impeccably designed mechanic lifting structure provides lifetime stability. D-Lite Lift can be assembled easily and also doors can be mounted without using any tools by a special track mechanism.

Adjustable for Different Requirements

D-Lite Lift’s 3 dimensional alignment mechanism which offers adjustment of up-down, left-right, back-forward for flawless installation. Lift-up force of mechanism can be adjusted according to door weight and height. There are 3 different D-Lite Lift mechanism alternatives for different door weights which provides sleek solutions to designers in wide range of door sizes.

Technical Specifications

  • 27 mm mechanism thickness
  • 90 mm mechanism height
  • 198 mm mechanism length
  • 14 kg maximum loading capacity
  • Easy toolless assembly and disassembly with track mechanism
  • 107° and 90 ° opening angle options
  • Fully mechanic lifting mechanism