Sam-Fix Connecting Fittings

The connecting Fitting Element that is made up of body, pivot, dowel and decorative cover and used for connecting furniture units.

Steps to prepare the wood;

  • Drill a screw hole of 34 mm or 24 mm depth until half of the walls thickness using an 8 mm diameter.
  • Drill a pin hole of 15 mm diameter. The depth must be 4,5 mm lower than the screw hole axis.
  • Drill a hole for dowels or screws in the axis previously drilled to the sideway as shown on the table.

Mounting Steps;

  • Prepare the wood according to the given measurements.
  • Place the fitting to the pin hole.
  • Screw a shaft into the fitting.
  • Place the pin with the writings heading to the top and the arrow pointing to the shaft.
  • Put the shaft on the pin.
  • Turn the pin towards the locking sign.
  • Place the Cover Cap on the pin’s top to assure an esthetic coverage.

* All dimensions in the graphs above are measured in mm.
Technical information