NEW – Döllken Aqua Stop Pen

Latest innovative tool from Döllken for the effective sealing of joints

aquastopThe negative effects of moisture on wood-based panels and joints in furniture and components is well known. Moisture can find its way through hairline cracks or open pores in a board surface/edge, or where the edging glue-joint does not completely protect the underlying substrate from exposure.

Damage due to the presence of moisture, through either direct contact or by capillary action, can now be avoided with the use of the unique water-resistant ‘AQUA-STOP-PEN’.

AQUA-STOP-PEN seals the joint, thus ensuring longevity of the panel and furniture.

AQUA-STOP-PEN features a special felt tip, allowing quick and simple application by hand.

Drying time is approximately 1 minute for the joint to be permanently sealed.

AQUA-STOP-PEN can be used on finished furniture, components and existing built-in furniture.

AQUA-STOP-PEN provides hundreds of metres of protection from a single pen.

The simple application technique allows for the product to be applied easily in critical areas such as kitchen or bathroom cupboards and doors.


  • The highly protective ‘nanotechnology-based’ fluid offers unique sealing properties and more…
  • highly economical
  • excellent water-repellent properties
  • oil and dirt-repellent properties
  • ideal for wood and plastic-based panels
  • suitable for metal, stone surfaces
  • fast drying
  • easy application