Digital-Edge: We print your edge

Just imagine you could freely select an inexpensive fantasy motif for your individual piece of furniture – in small batch sizes and with a short delivery time. Döllken can offer you this and can print any motif of your choice onto your edgeband, using our trendsetting digital printing technology. Utilising this newly developed technology, it is now possible for the first time to also apply photo-realistic themes to edgebands and to print on coloured edgebands using the full colour spectrum. Conventional systems can only print on white substrates, with unsatisfactory results to the users.
The customer has a say in the décor design and print rollers are no longer required for décors. As such, small batch sizes can be now be economically produced, offering designers and architects the necessary tools for modern designs. Quick colour adjustments are also now possible, enabling fast introduction of new products into the market. Contrast edgings are suited for shopfittings or individual furniture items.

  • Smallest batch sizes
  • Unlimited variety of fantasy décors
  • Unusual contrast edgings

Please click here to find more information about digital printing including the design library!