Digital Printing Technology

“Photo realistic motifs on edgebanding”

Today it is possible to apply photo-realistic themes to edgebands for the first time. At Interzum 2009 in Cologne, SURTECO displayed for the first time digitally-printed designs resulting from a multi-million Euro investment in the latest digital printing technology.

This technology is predestined for production of very small batch sizes, not previously possible to produce. By applying innovative technology, SURTECO can provide the designer or architect with the necessary freedom demanded by modern design.

Conventional digital systems can only print on white, with unsatisfactory results for end-users. This quantum leap in digital printing technology, especially for thermoplastic edgebands, now permits risk-free transition from small batch sizes to large production lots. The production of design-orientated prototype furniture and later transition to series production is guaranteed.

The full advantage of digital printing technology will be available in early 2010.