SAM-D-50 Hinge Drilling and Inserting Machine

The machine type that is used for drilling hinge cups holes Ø26,Ø35 and Ø40mm withal marking&drilling connection holes.

  • Drilling of hinge and mounting plate holes.
  • Hinge insertion.
  • Shelf drilling.
  • 4 Spindles drilling head for drilling mounting plate holes without.
  • Matrixes for inserting of Samet hinges.
  • Pneumatic panel clamping.
  • Stopper options with millimetre ruler and ruler extension.
  • Possibility to work with 115-235 cm. panel by 120-240 cm. plate.
  • Possibility to move the plate horizontally. ( For hinge drilling alignment)
  • For Ø35 mm. Hinges; drilling head option with 45-48-52 mm. cup hole distances.
  • For Ø26mm. ( minihinges); drilling head option with 38mm cup hole distances.
  • Ø26 mm. and Ø35 mm. drill bit options for hinge cups.
  • Ø2.5 – Ø5 – Ø8 – Ø10 mm. drill bit options for dowel holes.
  • Possibility to adjust hole depth.
  • Dust collecting unit ( Preparation for automatic dust collecting )(optional)